Monday, May 24, 2010

Vegetarian Déjà Vu….

As I said before…..Our kids ALWAYS want to be like Zeek.

He’s older.

He’s cooler.

He’s MORE fly!!!!

Last night we went and got the kids some food on our way home.

It was 8pm.

We were TIRED.

And I didn’t want to cook.

(Lazy, Bad, un-smart…I know.  But we were TIRED from swimming in the pool all day.)

So we got home I sat all the kids up with their food.

They had all(except Zeek-he already ate.) ordered chicken fingers and french fries.

(again-I feel BAD even WRITING it. UUUggghhhh.)

Malachi then took 1 BITE and said, “ Mom- I’m a Vegetarian!”

I said , “You are????”

He said, “Yes, every time I eat it now I think I can taste CHICKEN GUTS!”

I am SURE Zeek had SOMETHING to do with this.  LOL

He probably heard Zeek say that at some point.

So funny…they LOVE their Zeek.

Remember THIS STORY about Zeek?????

And I ‘ll bet you KNOW what Shahshas remark was when she hear Malachi say that…..

AGAIN…”I’ll take HIS!”

Such a sweet love these kids share…down to the CHICKEN. 

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