Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Baby REEF 032 Baby REEF 018 Baby REEF 020 Baby REEF 021 Baby REEF 024 Baby REEF 025 Baby REEF 029

Baby REEF 073 Baby REEF 033  Baby REEF 035 Baby REEF 037 Baby REEF 040 Baby REEF 041 Baby REEF 042 Baby REEF 044 Baby REEF 045 Baby REEF 046 Baby REEF 048 Baby REEF 050 Baby REEF 056 Baby REEF 057 Baby REEF 058 Baby REEF 060 Baby REEF 061 Baby REEF 062 Baby REEF 063 Baby REEF 065 Baby REEF 066 Baby REEF 067 Baby REEF 069 Baby REEF 070 Baby REEF 072

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Pandora said...

i hope this doesnt seem too weird, lol, but i saw you on wife swap and decided i HAD to contact you and Jason. You guys are so much like us!! i wish you lived here in new zealand!!
i think you guys would LOVE new zealand. Theres so much nature, native forests full of our beautiful native birds which JAH has blessed us with, not to mention the warm... well, mostly warm weather, HEAPS of gorgeous beachs, and plenty of reggae, in fact, reggae bands do very well in new zealand. The people who first lived here, the maori people, they LOVE reggae!!
Me and my husband believe in Hallei Salessei, to be a true prophet, he was so much like yeshua, yet he still worshiped yeshua (jesus). We praise JAH and i am currently saving up money for some dreadlocks, i tried making one myself and its doing ok lol we might just make my dreads ourselves and donate the money.
I am really interested in getting to know you guys (:
please email me evil.laughing.kitten@gmail.com
and also please tell me the name of Jasons band, we want to buy an album (:
much love, peace, and blessings to you my sister
pandora xoxox