Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Vallone Academy: Waterday 2010

We are officially to THAT time of year…

the time where we are pretty much DONE with our school cirriculum.

Zeek is done with his LA, science,History, and Math for 3rd grade.

Shasha is DONE with ALL the 2nd grade Lifepac set.(shes OFFICIALLY in 1st grade!)

Malachi is done with all Kindergarten cirriculum and has finished 1/2 of the 1st grade LA cirriculum.


Sheba is in Pre-K .,,,,we are working on our LAST letter of the week letters. (V and W)


We decided to make it a WATER DAY.

We played water games in the yard.

water tag.

water races.

water volleyball.

Water FUN!!!!!

Were 9 school days from summer….


you wouldn’t have known it today…

We acted like it was SUMMER NOW!!!!

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