Friday, April 17, 2009


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So yesterday, while the kids were SICK with strep throat, they were playing on the ramp outside.
I was inside, when I heard ALL OF THEM start freaking out.
They all RAN inside like a storm.
Malachi was CRYING and saying, "PLEASE, Don't take me to the hospital!"
I took 1 look at his knee and about FAINTED!
His little precios 5 year old knee was TORN OPEN.
He had fallen on the ramp while they were playing and THRU HIS PANTS torn his knee right open!!!
I of course, being TOTALLY STABLE at this point was yelling, "Find me the phone!"
The knowledge that I was about to call DAD, was enough to send the rest of them over the edge.
Shasha started crying and REPEATING.."Is he going to be OK?" OVER AND OVER...
Which made Sheba start crying and ALSO REPEATING.."Is he going to be OK?"
All the while Zeek is RUNNING around the house trying to find ANYTHING that will make Malachi happy.
At one point during all this I think Zeek had tried to give Malachi a book, a drink, food, colors, his bear, and a movie.
Sweet kids worried about their brother!
In the meantime Jay didnt answer the phone so I called his boss and told him(in so many words) "GET JAY!"
FINALLY, Jay got home.
I coulndt even THINK!
Now, in SOME ways Jay and I think EXACTLY alike.
THIS is one of those ways..
I go in the direction of the ER.
Jay , on the other hand, asks for DUCT TAPE!!!!
Needless to say, we ended up cleaning it and bandaging it up (W/duct tape strips).
So after PRAYING about his little knee and asking God to heal it swiftly...we went to bed.
Then this morning I did something I NEVER thought I would do..
I was TRYING to keep Malachi still so that his knee could heal when....
You should have seen them!!!
They were GLUED to the TV.
They were so excited that I didnt hear a thing from them for 30 min!!!
Needless to say ..I have a NEW motto for the day....


dria said...

hahaha!! spongebob saves the day!!!
choose your battles is a good moto too!
i hope his knee heals ok. poor little guy.


Shainee said...

Sponge Bob to the rescue!

Jana said...

I LOVE that SOMEBODY reads these....I am not alone!!!
Spongebob to the rescue!!!!

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely not alone!!!!! We speak multiple times a day but I still read these- you are so talented!

love you!


Anonymous said...

malachi did not split his pants
but his knee
happy healing to all

Anonymous said...

I just love your "real life" stories....Justin came home freaking out crying last weekend from the park and was holding his arm....I thought he had been stabbed.....I was trying to stay call and freaking out at the same time....I asked him what happened and he told me that he was playing baseball and went to catch a fly ball and ran into....are you ready...a straight A, super smart kid ran into a tree playing baseball....I told him to go take a shower and clean it off...he comes back downstairs and has about 10 bandaids all over his one arm....I was cracking up and he felt much better after he put medicine and a ton of bandaids on...goes to show that even at 12 bandaids still make it ALL BETTER!! ;) Aren't we blessed to have these children!!!



Mimi Suzy and Pawpaw said...

Oh no, SWEET, SWEET Malachi! I feel so bad for him. Do you think the duct tape will work? We will be sending him love and happy thoughts! :) :) :)

Grandma said...

Hope Malachi heals quickly. And Grandma's glad that Sponge Bob helped everybody. He's a good guy.
When you and your sister were little I can remember freaking a few times. HA!!
Love you all,

Grandma said...

I hope Malachi heals quickly. And I'm glad Sponge Bob helped everyone today. He's a good guy.
When you and your sister were little I can remember freaking a few times. HAHA!!
Love you all,

Dawn Michelle said...

I had to chuckle at duct tape, one of the products they use in the ER no joking is literally super glue. Men love duct tape don't they! I am glad he was such a warrior I hope he gets to do some crafts or....something.