Friday, April 17, 2009

Injury Update...

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Well...I am reporting on Malachis injury.
After a WHOLE DAY of trying to restrain him from well...EVERYTHING, we changed his bandages AGAIn tonight.
It looks good, NO infection, CRAZY!!!
He hasnt complained even one time.
Our little WARRIOR!!!
He is having to miss his 1st football game tommorow, but he is so excited to sit on the sidelines.
Then we are headed to the "Sea Turtle Festival" at the Pier.
We have told him that the ONLY WAY he is going is if he rides in the double stroller!
He keeps saying, "I still get to do crafts right?"
Sweet Warrior boy....He has NO IDEA!!!!
Ill keep you posted after tommorow!!!
PRAY FOR US!!!! Hes a crazy child!


Dawn said...

maybe he wants some more quality spongebob time?! That show is like a drug, it does the same to my two.

Anonymous said...

anyway sandy is a squirrel

"wish i was in texas this ain't no place for a squirrel"

which always reminds me of you jana

hugs for healing

Jana said...

"Anonymous"...PLEASE SIGN your name!!! LOL