Monday, April 13, 2009

"One of THOSE..."

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So, As you can imagine~ there are ALWAYS poeple here.
We have friends over ALL THE TIME.....
So the other night there was a guy here named "Traveler".
He was sitting in one of the kids desks just OBSERVING the inner working of our home.
Just WATCHING the CRAZINESS that is our HOME.
It was about 8pm, so ALL the kids were tired and fussy.
He sat there just SMILING...
I was dealing with the kids and Jay was talking to him about family vibes and he turned to Jay and said something that I will NEVER forget.
When I think of it right now ...I SMILE!!!
He said, "FAMILY...I gotta get me one of these."
Give thanks that our life is our life...
Give thanks that I got me "One of THESE!"


Mom said...

That was such a cool comment. You and Jay need to enjoy the crazyness now because one day they will all grow up and will leave you with only your memories.

Jana said...

SAD!!!!! are going to make me CRY!!! I love you and appreciate each and every sweet memory we have together!!!

turtle said...

Mom and cryin

yeah my favorite past time

tears of truth and joy

just to be in presence of children so divine

and so much to learn

wow everything you thought you knew
brought together with lots of adventures

and care building strong
roots growing up
give thanks for love
and the children
to guide our way home


Suzette said...

For about the past 10 years, I have realized that friends are wonderful, but FAMILY is everything! They will be there for you when some of your friends have come and gone. I love the way our family supports each other and comes together when one of us is in need. I cherish all of you--and the Traveler is right--"he better get one like this" cause there's nothing like it!
Love to all,