Monday, April 27, 2009

Ghetto Gardening....

We have been working REALLY hard in our garden this year.
Ghetto Gardening is what we have been calling it because we use MOSTLY old materials that Jay has brought home from job sites or old paint buckets he brought home from work.
The kids LOVE to get out in the dirt and plant things.
Who dosent LOVE watching GODS MIRACLES right before your eyes.
Its amazing!!!
We planted MAMMOTH sunflower seeds and you can ALMOST watch them grow!!!
They are about 5 ft tall right now and will get to be about 15-20 feet tall!!!
Only Jah can make a flower frow taller than a house!!! PRAISE HIM!!!

We have been planting alot of Veggies(broccoli,peas,beans,tomatoes,green squash,yellow squash) in 5 gallon buckets because the ground is soooo SANDY in our neighborhood!!! The price of living 2 blocks from the waters edge!!!

Shasha got her "Good Behavior" award a couple of weeks ago and her "prize" was that Jay was going to make her a little flower garden of her own!!! CUTE!!!
Anyway...the other morning -BEFORE WORK- he built her some of her own raised flower beds!!!
She planted plowers that we got for FREE at the nursery because the lady said they werent PRETTY enough to sell.
JACKPOT....A bonus lesson in how to care for something that isnt SO healthy and make the best of it!!
Ghetto Gardening at its finest!!!

We also planted some "upside down tomatoe" plants.
We used the 5 gallon buckets from Jays work and went to work...
Heres the process:

He ALSO built 4 MORE raised beds for herbs and other veggies!!!!
Don forget this all happened in about 2 days!!!!
God LOVE him!!!!

Ghetto Gardening is a STATE OF MIND....Look around.
What do you have that you can use in your OWN Ghetto Garden????


Shainee said...

Crafty, crafty......ADOPTme! I wantmy owm flower bed!

grandma said...

I love all the kids help gardening. That's so good for them. Grandma has tomatoe and pepper plants this year. It's nice to just watch things grow before you very eyes.

Wendy said...

Your Papaw used to bring home African Violets that were about dead. He got them for about 50 cents and we would repot them and try to bring them back. They were beautiful.
Like your flowers, all they needed was some TLC.
Of course, with my brown thumb, he planted and I tended.
Flowers, like children, just need Tender Loving Care.
You are doing so well.
Love, Mema