Friday, July 10, 2009

"Fabulous Book" Fri_ay!!!


Its Friday again!!!!!

This book is a great for summer .

Its short an to the point!

I love the way they "talk" to you in this book.

Perfect for those of us who want a KICK in the BUTT!!!!

Here is 1 example: CHAPTER 1

"Okay. Use your brain. You have to get healthy if you want to get skinny. Healthy=skinny. Unhealthy=fat. The first thing you have to o is give up your gross vices. You can't act surprise! You cannot keep eating the same shit an expect to get skinny."


I keep this book with me at all times.

Its a KEEPER!!!

RUN to get this book!!!!

1 comment:

AHMom said...

Funny you mention this book.

I've been exercising in the mornings, trying to lose weight and tone up from having twins last year. Yea, LAST YEAR. They'll be a year old on Monday, and I'm still twenty pounds overweight and looking like I'm five months preggs. (Shame shame)

But I have a terrible sweet tooth and have found myself eating more junk now that I've been exercising, rationalizing my bad habits.

Dear, I'm glad you posted this recommendation!!! Cut out the brownies and marshmallows and chocolate bars! Okay, one on Saturday won't hurt. lol :)