Thursday, July 30, 2009

A "Spring" thing.......

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"When is Grandma comming?"

Those were the FIRST words said by Shashamane after we closed the door of the van when dropping off Jackie/Hailey!

They LOVE seeing their family.
We hant seen Grandma in a YEAR, so we were WAY past due!!!

My mom got here on Sunday.
After i picked her up at the airport, the 1st place I took her was to Jays Gig at Jacks BBQ.
There she got to experience 1st hand .."Reggae Sunday"!!!!
The kids were so excited to see her!!!

We went home and had a PIZZA PARTY!!!!

The next morning we headed to Ginnie Springs.

That was AMAZING!!!!
I have lived in Florida for YEARS an cant believe that I haven't been there before!!!

We all had a great time.
The water was amazing and COLD...about 65 degrees!!!

I cant say enough how BEAUTIFUL it was.
The kids LOVED it!!!

We went snorkeling, iving, tubing, and TURTLE WATCHING!!!
It was amazzing!!!

The water was so clear...
I kept saying to the kids," Can you believe that GOD made a swimming pool like THIS?"

We aslo went tubing ddown the river.
Which was an EXPERIENCE in itself!!!

Shashamane was okay at first...THEN- as soon as we went fromm the spring to the river the water turned from CRYSTAL CLEAR to BROWN(from all the rain).
And in Shasha "style" ...she FREAKED!!!!

She was on top of the tube SCRAMING, "I want to go back, I want to go Back!"
Imagine a PEACEFUL river...THEN imagine a SCREAMING, CRYING, HYSTERICAL Shashamane!!!

At first I wasnt sure WHY she was crying, But I was SURE that she was FREAKING!!!

Then I figured out that she THOUGHT there were alligators in the river.
I had her ALMOST calmed down when she asked DADDY if there were alligators an he said, "Only SMALL ones!"

I almost flipped out!!!
Then there I was on the river SREAMING!!!

It was a sight...Im SURE!!!

I cant stop laughing just THINKING about what those turtles on the river were thinking....
"Oh, CRAP! Here come THOSE people. Weve HEARD about THEM!"


Malachi was a "super-snorkeler".
He took right to it and was able to swim right out over the edge of the underwater cave. He LOVED it!!!

Zeek loved trying to catch fish with his net.
Sheba lived up to her name and FLOATED on TOP of the river the WHOLE time !!!!
Sooo Cute!!!!

What an AMAZING experience.
A FUNNY AMAZING experience!!!!

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