Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sweet GROWTH...........

As I get older the VALUE of some things changes to me.
The value of friendship.
The value of money.
The value of children.
The value of faith.
AND the value of FAMILY.

When you are young you just dont FULLY realize what things are REALLY worth.
When I was young I DEFIANTLY didn't realize the value of things.
I thought it didn't matter who my friends were, how much faith I had, or how much time I spent with my family.

As I have grow I have STEADILY grown to understand the value of things ...NON- material.

NOW I unerstand how important it is to have GREAT friends.
I unerstand that money is the most OVER-RATED thing in the world....for happiness.
I understand that FAITH can move MOUNTAINS!
And I have learned that the time spent in the presence of family is MORE valuable than GOLD!

My sister and Hailey were here for a week and we had a GREAT time!
We used to fight when we got together..really.
We didnt unerstand the VALUE of having a sister.
NOW...we realize that it dosent matter how different we are.
We love each othere for WHO we are NOW.
Without the expectation that we will be DIFFERENT from whe we REALLY are.
What a blessing to be at THIS place in my life.
Able an ready to recognize that time spent with family is a matter how "differently" we live our lives....
I love those girls!!!!

Give Thanks for LIFE, FAMILY, FRIENDS and INSIGHT!!!!

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Anonymous said...

"when the student is ready the teacher will appear"...or so the saying goes. We are ALL so blessed with a family that loves unconditionally! I am so proud of my family. We are like a coat of many colors....but the common threads that we all wear is the thread of LOVE, and it really is the tie that binds! I see you as a wonderful person, woman, wife and mother! I am honored you are part of my family, Jana. And yes, material posessions pale in comparison to the value of good friends and loving families! I see that as one of the blessings coming out of the economic crisis. People are steping back and being forced to draw their strength and their joy from the people around them instead of "things". LOVE, Mimi (Hadden)