Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rasta Rerun!!!!

This is an entry from Sat, Dec.8,2007....ENJOY!!!!
Were still on Vacation!!!!!!
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I was up last night w/ the kids ...SICK . I turned on the TV and was brought back to real roots real FAST.

BOB MARLEY LIVE was one of the first concerts that I saw of Bob Marley and it touched me to the core.

It touched me at a time in my life when I was so lost and and I was searching for my own soul.

It was 1998...VILANO apartment.

I remember it like it was TODAY...
It was one of theose moments of CLARITY that CHANGED MY LIFE.

It was while watching this show that I realized that my life was in the depths of HELL...

It was while watching this show that I was INFUSED with the love of GOD...

I was while watching this that I realized that my life was soooooo far from where it was supposed to be...


Almost from that EXACT MOMENT....I was SAVED.

Rastafari entered my life and I realized that life could be full of LIGHT.

It was in thes moments that I met CHRIST.

It was in these moments that I FINALLY realized that JAH was INSIDE of me...He was the light that was always there, waiting for me to bust thru MY 7 SEALS.

My eyes, ears, nose and mouth ....MY 7 seals..... BUSTED WIDE OPEN.

It was from these moments that my mind worked in a different way than it did before....I was now walking IN THE LIGHT.

I sit here and reflect on my life ...with tears streaming down my face.

Tears of Joy, thankfullness, happiness, love, light......

I thank God for this Journey...

I thank Jah for this LIFE.

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