Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Nothing else but a.... Pictures, Images and Photos

I was going to write about politricks and lies...

I was ready to write about hypocrits and spies....

All because I watched "The Obama Deception"-

I wish I had never WASTED the GAS to vote in the F%&*ing election!

I felt the FIRE rise deep inside.

A fire that only rises when the TOTAL TRUTH they try and hide.


Its a battle worth fighting...I can not deny!

But on THIS homefront...weve got BIGGER fish to fry.

Ive got....
lunch to make
kids to teach
dogs to feed
yoga to do
noses to wipe
a kitchen to clean
clothes to fold
plans to make
Nuff' work till im OLD!

I am chosing my battles and THIS isnt one...
Theyll NEVER convince me again..
Ive got too much WORK to do with my DAUGHTERS and SONS!


Shainee said...

Youth to care for.
Bills to pay.
Laundry to wash.
Lessons for the day.
Mediate the daily grind.
Focus on what's pure of mind.
Smile at the race set ahead.
Blessed to have so many friends.
Looking to what is of the light.
Teaching, preaching what is right.

Love you girl!

Another Homeschooling Mom said...

Jana, I'm so glad you watched that. It is not fun at all to learn about deception, but you're eyes are open now. And you're right? What CAN you do? I always keep in mind that my freedoms are protected only by me, not by my government.

My husband and I have five children who we are rearing to be self-sufficient, self-governing individuals. My two brothers each have one child, and both their families have totally different views (the government needs to protect you). My response is always, "Thank God we outnumber you."


PS -- Totally dig your chosen image for this post. On my sneakers, I've written NOBAMA.

Anonymous said...

dats my root skillet sister
just take the only thing to fire is the black skillet up

and make some taters and cornbread
feed the peeps
give thanks

for life you create
and blessings
to know what is goodness for world

one breathe at a time
and send love and prayers
to obama to awaken may they make way
to Amma arms for she is DC
miracles are abound

Mari said...

You also should remember YOU CAN"T ALWAYS BELIEVE WHAT YOU READ, WATCH, AND HEAR!!!! Who made that film?? Sore losers or factual based level headed, caring people?? Seems like all those corrupt politicians are out to get each other. Whoever is in the presidents seat will ALWAYS be scrutinized even if they are a saint, but come on the government, no matter what, are ALL crooked. Stay true to you and yours and let's hope we don't blow up soon! Again, don't believe everything you see, read, or hear especially if it's POLITRIKS!

Another Homeschooling Mom said...

Dear Mari,

Alex Jones made that film, and he is neither a Republican nor a Democrat. He is a Constitutionalist. That film doesn't criticize only the current President. It also criticizes the previous Presidents (right and left) who have been puppets for the bankers who control our money. YOUR money. Our Founding Fathers warned us about creating a national bank. Now we are at the mercy of the Federal Reserve.

Ron Paul was the only presidential candidate who talked about abolishing the Federal Reserve (which is about as "Federal" as Federal Express).

You're right, every president and politician will be under a microscope. This filmmaker, Alex Jones, is on a quest for truth. He's not a sore loser. He does make this film using facts. It was foreseen that the current president was going to increase the national debt. And look what he's done: TRIPLE it.

I'm not defending Dubya, either. I think he did great in toppling the Hussein and Taliban regimes, but that's when our troops should have been brought home. I think he stayed true to the values of the Constitution (keeping people free, letting die the ban on assault weapons), but the PATRIOT Act was crap. And the TARP Bill was crap, too -- which he signed when he left office, Remember Freddie and Fannie Mac?

Whatever. I can go on and on forever. There are good and bad things about every president, but there is nothing good in the Federal Reserve, which is what this film is really about. Obama is just the tip of the spear, the foot in the door to intrude upon your free life.