Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pulling at the "THREAD"....

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Last night we were steam cleaning the carpet and there was a show on the TV in our bedroom.
It was about midnight.
I was trying to stay off the carpet and let it dry so I sat down.
It was called "Obsessed".
It was the story of 2 people who have SOME SORT of SEVERE OCD.
NOT the "normal person" OCD...but CRAZY OCD.
I mean there was a man who had to do SO MANY rituals before he left the house- I took him over an hour to get ready!!!!
AND he made his wife REPEAT things BACK to him!!!!
Kissing the dog EXACTLY 12 times before he left the house???
Only to have to go back and KISS HIM ANOTHER 12 TIMES?????
And all because he THOUGHT that if he DIDN'T do these "rituals" thaen something BAD would happen.
Then there was the girl who couldnt eat ANYTHING because of the fear of MOLD from it sitting out! CRAZY!!!
AND she PICKED AT HER FACE till it had scars all over it.
Because the bathroom mirror was the only place that "time slipped away".
The whole time watching this show I sat DUMBFOUNDED.
To me there seems to be a common THREAD here....
Faith takes the place of fear.
Faith helps you understand that there is more to life than what you SEE in the bathroom mirror.
Faith lets you trust in God, not fearing the "unknown".
It make me soooo THANKFUL that I have FAITH in my life.
Faith that makes it easier to live without FEAR.
Thank God for saving me from a life VOID of FAITH!!
Give Thanks and Praises..........

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