Monday, October 18, 2010

Beaver Schmeaver……



On Fridays we have homeschool co-op.

When we start we do opening of a prayer, show-n-tell, etc.

It always reminds me of LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRARIE.

All the kids, ages 3-18. sit together, cross-legged on the floor.

Little kids in the laps of the big kids and  friends sitting next to friends.

Its a sweet opportunity for ALL the kids to have a chance to be social and interact with OTHER students…you know-the ones that AREN’T their brothers and sisters! 


I love watching them be with their friends,and get sooooo excited over sitting together…

Its a sweet part of the co-op.


Last Friday we were having our opening prayers, etc.

After that the kids were sooo excited because there was a BUCKET of candy sitting next to the “teacher”.

As you can imagine…this causes a FRENZY in the co-op.

So…she started asking bible related questions.

Who was  the brother of Cain?

Who were the Magi?

Where was Jesus born?

All STANDARD bible questions…


She said, “What kind of wood was the ark made of?”


We’re studying the ark and Noah….sweet.

Zeek swiftly raised his hand and said “ohhh, ohhhhh, ohhhh, I KNOW!!!!”

I was so proud.

In my mind I was saying, “Thats my boy!!! Were studying this.  He KNOWS this.  Thats right! Im a great teacher. My kids GET IT!!!!”

Awesome…..He will GET THIS ONE!!!!


she called on him.

“What kind of wood is the ark made of?”

I stood there ready to be praised….ready for the “Good job Mom!” pats on the back.


I stood there with the word GOPHERWOOD on the tip of my tongue.

Then …he answered.




I guess we need to go over that again!!!!!

Soooo Funny!!!

Sweet boy TRIED….

He knew it was some kind of ANIMAL WOOD!!!


turtle said...

girl you done it
not as if didn't know before

for when you mention little house on the prarie... lol

oh simple life
give thanks

Shelley said... precious Jana!!! I remember when he said that...I started to give it to him anyway because I was so shocked that ANYONE even got close!! Love it...I'm with you on the Little House part...that is my favorite time too. I love that they all love that time and I hope that I am making it more than just Announcments and Blah blah blah time!!!
Happy Thanksgiving~