Tuesday, October 12, 2010

On Loan from GOD……


September madness 047 


How did this happen???

Where did time go????

When did it  slip away from me????

I demand to know!

10 years ago today we were BLESSED with a son.

He brightened our lives from DAY 1.

He has a LIGHT in his eyes, so easy to see.

Loving and Caring and SWEET as can be.

With a heart that is weaved of LAUGHTER and LIGHT.

And a smile that  makes you fell like MID-FLIGHT!

He is the most GIVING person I’ve ever seen…

and RARE is the  day you  see him be mean.

He’s WILDLY inventive and smart as can be….

with an INTUITION that freaks out even ME!

10 years ago we were granted a GIFT.

a wonderful, amazing, sacred gift.

On LOAN from God…we were given this chance .

What a wonderful life with him in THIS DANCE.

To Ezekiel ….our firstborn son .

Your work in this world is FAR from DONE.

May your life be  JOYOUS and DEVINE.

May the  God in you FOREVER SHINE.

june 017


Anonymous said...

Loved the poem and pictures! Yes, Ezekiel is awesome. G'Daddy and I were talking ths morning about seeing him born, seeing him grow. It is just amazing and a privilege to watch this precious child growing up...and watching ALL of your family live and love life.
Love You, Mimi and Grandaddy

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Zeek. It's hard to believe that you are already 10 years old. Growing up so fast.
Love you bunches.