Thursday, October 21, 2010

Black and white….or NOT?

Fallin into Oct 035

"Ability is God's gift to man, achievement is man's gift to God"..

Sometimes teaching isn’t black and white.

What works for 1 wont work for ALL.

Some kids are MATH minded…

some are NOT.

Some will sit still and do their work…

Some will NOT.

I have figured out(after 5 years of homeschooling) that each child learns differently.

You cannot give every child a lifepac math book and say GO. 

It doesn't always work.

Sometimes they need OTHER WAYS to help their brain work.

Sometimes they are JUST BORED.

Malachi has been BORED.

He is a 6 year old BOY who would MUCH RATHER be outside on the trampoline, or throwing a football.

Who wouldn’t?????



you HAVE to do things you don’t want to do!!!

I don’t WANT to do laundry sometimes.

I do.

I don’t want to cook sometimes.

I do.

I don’t want to clean sometimes.

I do.

Some days …

I don’t want to TEACH.

I do.

And THAT is what I tell them…

“You don’t have to LIKE it…you just have to DO IT!”

And it works…

They do it…usually.

But lately Malachi has been saying things like,

“I don’t like school.”


“School is BORING.”

To a homeschool Mom …THAT is like a DAGGER to the heart.

I work so hard to find FUN things to add in.

I mean really…

do you stay up all hours of the night looking for the perfect “FALL CRAFT” to do if you DIDNT LOVE IT????


No…you don’t.


After Malachi’s HEARTWRENCHING comments,

I was determined to MAKE HIM LOVE IT!!!

Lucky for me….he was EASILY pleased.

1 dice + 1 paper+ 1 pencil= MATH FUN

Who knew???

I told him, “roll the dice-write the number in the first spot. Roll the dice and write the number in the second spot.  Then ADD. “

He smiled.

Like I said…

Sometimes TEACHING isn’t Black and White.

Fallin into Oct 035


Heather said...

You are such an inspiration to me- what a wonderful mother you are.
My daughter is only 3, but I plan on homeschooling her when the time comes and I just finished up my job as a preschool teacher for the last 6 years. While searching for fun activities to keep them LOVING what they are learning I found this blog-
Whether you like Montessori education or not, there are tons of fun hands on activities and idea's to keep them learning and HAVING FUN that would work for many different ages!
Keep up the good work! :)

Shainee said...

Just what we were talking about. I love you perspective bff <3

Raising Cents said...

Great activity, I used to have giant blow up dice that i used with the kids to play a similar. They used to throw the dice back and forth and add together. They loved it. If he loves being outside have him add up pine cones or other items outside. The grey area in teaching is far greater than either the black or white. Your perseverance will surely payoff...even if they tell you its boring.

IrieMomma said...

We did that last year for St. Patrick's Day. It was a game the girls played against each other. I drew a shamrock on two pieces of green construction paper and filled it with all the possible answers. They took turns rolling the dice, adding the sum and covering the answer with a little sticker. The first one to cover their shamrock won the game! Just a though, if you want to include the others. Kinda like BINGO. Love you!