Thursday, October 14, 2010

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I pray a beautiful passage for your soul.

May God greet you with with  a smile so BOLD.

When you see HIM standing there,

I pray you know  how much we CARE.

I hope he embraces you with warmth and light…..

and lets you know – there is no more fright.

The body you left was stressed and worn.

And with one glimpse of God…You  will be REBORN.

I pray you will be free of pain…

and I pray there is no more STRAIN.

You have a family on Earth  that loves you SURELY…

but we now release you to HIM- who loves you so PURELY.


Smile when you see HIM….


Be comforted by the knowledge that your memory will LIVE ON…

Because-You will  LIVE in our memories…even AFTER  you’ve gone.

                                                                                           Jana Vallone


We love you Nanny.


Anonymous said...

Love this Jana! You are such a great writer and poet!

Love you nanny!



turtle said...

love and light to nanny

Raising Cents said...

Did you make that up???!!! That is amazing. Really like your writing.

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and Marcy and Jackie with love and prayers. It is a sad but triumpant day for your Nanny; your family.Love You, Mimi and Keith