Saturday, October 2, 2010

While Moms away……….

pepFor a long time I didn’t work outside the home.

11 years to be exact.

I was home and Jay left for work.

It was what we were used to….it “worked” for us.


last  January I was offered a job at a place called Trade Winds Tropical Lounge.

It is the “Oldest lounge in the Oldest City”.

I only work on Fridays and Saturdays from 8pm-330am.

It was scary at first-being “out there” again…. but I have learned to LOVE it.

Its fun…and it brings in some much  NEEDED money into the home.


One drawback is that I HATE leaving the family.

I hate leaving them and being away….even for an hour.

But sometimes….when I get home I hear some CRAZY STORIES!!!


Last night was THE BEST ONE ….so far.


Jay was outside with Josiah and all 8 kids were inside ….

All of the sudden they heard screaming!!

Of course….they RAN inside to find ALL 8 KIDS running around and screaming.

The fridge was WIDE open and the kids were FRANTICALLY looking inside for SOMETHING COLD.

There mouths were ON FIRE……….

because- Zeek had DARED all of these children ages 5-8 to LICK A HABANERO PEPPER!!!!!!!!!


Sheba even ATE part of it!!!

Jay said that Zeek had taken a frozen yogurt and was just HOLDING IT on his lips…then he would take it off and say, “It’s HOT!!”


He said that he had a couple of them stick out their tongues he would slather it with cream cheese!!!!

As I heard this last night I couldn't stop laughing…it was hilarious!!!

As you can imagine there was QUITE the SCENE in the Rasta home last night…..

Needless to say the weather may have COOLED OFF  but the kids mouths were ON FIRE!!!!!

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