Thursday, October 7, 2010

Oh Brother!!!!

Children of the same family, the same blood, with the same first associations and habits, have some means of enjoyment in their power, which no subsequent connections can supply...  ~Jane Austen, Mansfield Park, 1814

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When you are the mother  of 4 kids that are homeschooled that  spends ALMOST every waking minute with your children ….you can’t help but notice how complex and unexplainable their relationships are.

Sometimes they LOVE,

and then they fight as if they were enemies.

Sometimes they hurt each other,

and then they help each other heal.

Sometimes they pick on each other,

and then they protect each other fiercely.

Sometimes they yell at each other,

then they read to each other sweetly.

Its a very COMPLEX relationship that they have.

Always dependant , yet INDEPENDANT.

So yesterday when Zeek was going to his friend Tai’s house …Malachi started to have a MELTDOWN.

He wanted to go…..BAD.

“Why can’t I go Mom?????  I want to go. WHYYYYYYYYYYYYY can’t I go????? PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.”

“Because your brother needs time with HIS FRIENDS sometimes. You have your friends over all the time. “

Truth be told….Zeek doesn't have that many friends that he sees.

He has a cousin that is a couple of years older, and Tai(who is 11).

I know he WANTS to be with friends…we just don't KNOW that many.

So….Any chance I have to get him together with a sweet god-loving boy…I JUMP.

When Shainee and I talked and she wanted to have Zeek over for the afternoon…We were THRILLED.

Well….SOME of us were thrilled. LOL.

We dropped him off and the remaining kids and I headed off to dance.

(Which was ANOTHER reason Malachi couldn’t stay…he takes DUDE HIP-HOP during that time.Sweet!)

If you have ever had a couple of kids in different activities …you can imagine the next couple of hours for me….Call me TAXI-MOM!

Then we picked up Jay from work and headed to pick Zeek up.

The ENTIRE time Malachi was in the back saying , “WHEN are we picking up Zeek???? WHENNNNNNNNNNNNNN?”

I mean seriously….if Zeek was in the car they would be arguing!!!!



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When we FINALLY got there he was OVERJOYED!

Malachi was SOOOOOO happy to be with the big boys.

He was stoked.

They played and rode the “little motorcycle” around.

Then were SUPPOSED to be taking turns…but Malachi is kind of “balls-to-the –wall” so he was a little inpatient!!!!

He basically RAN AROUND behind Zeek and said, “I want to ride” while Shainee and I LAUGHED so hard that we almost peed our pants. LOL

Then in true form …Malachi got on the bike and rode it as fast as possible 1 time in a circle before ROLLING IT only to JUMP right up and say, “And THAT is why you wear a helmet!!”

all the while Zeek was right behind him ….ready for the fall!!!

Oh BROTHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE your posts, Jana. Especially since I got off FB. When you describe Malachi, I have to tell you that Jason also HAD(and still) has 2 speeds....WARP ans STOP. Like father like son! and I identify with delimina when the boys go in different directions. I did not have many (any?) friends who wanted to invite twin boys over when they were little. Most of the time the kids were at OUR house! Then when they got older they would occasionally have a sleepover one at a time and when Jay & Jeff were reunited you would think they had been separated for weeks! Thanks for sharing!
Love you all, Mimi (Jana's MIL)

Shainee said...

Your stories are entertaining even when you've been there. This just cracked me up this morning. Especially accompanied by the hilarious pic of M on the back of Z's bike. You have such a gift for writing. xoxo