Friday, December 10, 2010


If you have ever met my husband you will understand this.


He's all the right ways.

He is a REBEL at heart....for all the right reasons.

He is all the right times.

And he is a fault sometimes.(If that is possible.)

He has a heart of gold and wins you over almost instantly.

It is amazing...
People and animals GRAVITATE towards him.

He just CONNECTS with people...effortlessly.

Seriously....Amazing and WEIRD ....
all at the same time.

I knew I loved him, as soon as we really talked.

I knew.

It just happens like that sometimes.

Which is WHY....
when the 2nd stray dog showed up 3 days ago...
I knew it was Jay.

They are just drawn here.


Its a vibe.....
and now....
The dog wont leave.

A kid even came and took it to his house today after school.
He was back in 90 min...flat.
And CRYING for us to let him in the gate.

When I asked him what the dog was doing back Jay said with a smile, "I dont know. He likes us. We're calling him - LOST."

Sweet, compassionate, CRAZY man....
Gotta love him.


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Olivia said...

This is quite a beautiful post. You are lucky to have a wonderful husband like this. I can only hope that my husband one day will be like this (I'm not married).

Your whole blog is beautiful, to be honest. You seem like you really love your family and your God, two absolutely wonderful qualities.