Tuesday, December 14, 2010



In Florida we hardly have a winter....much less icicles.

So when we heard we were having a "hard freeze"...we decided to MAKE our own.

That was 2 days ago.

For the last 2 nights Jay has set up the sprinkler under the swingset.... TO MAKE ICICLES!!!

The first night was a flop....it wasn't cold enough.

The kids were devastated...you would have thought we told them the sun was NEVER comming up again.

Then last night.....it was 23 degrees.

Perfect for "making" icicles....If the hose wouldnt have been KINKED!!!!!!!!!

The kids woke up this morning and went out to find a SMALL CIRCLE of FROZEN GRASS surrounding the sprinkler.

LOL- they thought it was cool anyway!!!

Oh well....weather man calls for 21 degrees tonight...
We will TRY AGAIN.

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