Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Not the fishnets............

I have to tell a story.

It started after THIS PARTY .

Let's just say I wasn't very ENTHUSED about the way my husband reacted to what I thought was me "putting myself out there" and got DRESSED UP for a party.

His reaction was ....."You look good."




Let's be REAL....there is only one reason a woman puts on FISHNETS.


And to look "GOOD" is NOT THE REASON!!!

But my husband is more of a "DOER" than a "SAYER".


He has a way of SHOWING HIS LOVE than most men don't have.


Opening the gate for for me at 3:30 am in the RAIN.


letting me sleep all day...just because.


Drawing me a bath....with candles


being so OVERLY protective of me that he says the SAME THING everytime I go to work: "Lock all your doors, have someone walk you out, and call me when you are on your way to the car. Jana....DO IT. "

But he is not a man of ADORING WORDS.

And sometimes .....I am DUMB.

I let my wants get ahead of my NEEDS.

And a few days after "the party"...I told him it bothered me that he didn't SAY what I wanted him to say.

He laughed.

Then he said, "I show you all the time that I love you. I show you with my ACTIONS.
You should be CONFIDENT in yourself. I shouldn't be the one that has to BUILD YOU UP. I know the TRUTH. I love you...that is the TRUTH."

What a CRAZY woman I am.

The TRUTH is that he LOVES me ...and dosen't TRULY prefer me "dressed up"...he's more of a GRUNGY GUY.

The TRUTH is that he wants me to CULTIVATE that confidence in MYSELF.

He prefers when I am matter what I am wearing.

A few days later....I was on my way out to a girls night out, and was NOT dressed up.

He said to me, "For the record, I think you look better tonight than you did the other night."

"Why??? Less make-up???"

Then he said to me, "No...because you are CONFIDENT tonight."

And then it was clear to me that TRUTHFULLY...
he loves me no matter what.
He loves me for me......
NOT the fishnets!

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Angela said...

Great post! I love reading your blog. I have to say this post relates to me so much. Thanks for sharing.