Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Santa + Slavery = SICKENING

Evil Santa Pictures, Images and Photos

Sometimes the devil hides among plain sight.

Sometimes he sits.....right in front of our eyes, at the tip of our noses.

Usually disguised as something COMFORTABLE.

Something that TEMPTS us.

Most of the time he WANTS us to walk right past.....denying the TRUTH....COMFORTABLY.

He WANTS us to look past him..because we are so USED to him.

He wants us to be BLINDED by tradition,
He want us to be INDIFFERENT in the name of "making memories".

But thankfully......sometimes he is SOOOOO OBNOXIOUS that he sticks out like a "sore thumb".

That's how I felt when I saw the SANTA sitting in the PLAZA of downtown Saint Augustine....on the EXACT spot that SLAVES were sold in the OLD SLAVE MARKET .

Sick to my stomach.

Grossed out...the smell of SATAN was permeating.

The sight of all the children waiting in line to SEE him was so sad.

Not ONLY because Santa is such a BOLD LIE, but because the TRUTH was being IGNORED.

No thought was being given to the SERIOUSNESS of what TRULY happened ON THAT SPOT.

Babies being TORN from mothers arms.

True loves being RIPPED apart.

Families being SEPARATED forever.

And is all forgotten.

In the name of some stupid Christmas tradition that has PAGAN roots.

All for a snapshot of an FAKE old man who just wants little children to give him a LIST of material things they WANT.

I thought Jesus was SUPPOSED TO BE "the reason for the season".....


So sad....Jesus would be DISGUSTED.


Anonymous said...

that's one way to look at it. I always see Santa as a symbol of kindness and giving, you know, smoeone that gives gifts to people who do good things throughout the year. A way to teach kids that good things happen to good people.

Anonymous said...

Christmas is about hope, giving, kindness, and showing love to family and friends. Santa is a symbol of those views. He gives to give no other reason. I think having Santa sitting on the slave market is a great way to change the view of a place from bad to good.

Anonymous said...

Interesting way to look at it. I always thought Santa was a jolly elf that takes after the real life of St. Nicholas- a man that loved and gave.
Anyway, I do agree with you and the holiday is NOT about consumerism and gifts and that most people celebrating Christmas really have it wrong..sadly.
Check out this video, it's one of the few that really, really affected me. I think it puts things into perspective. Who cares about a new doll, new clothes, new anything when there are people DYING without clean water, food, shelter, medicine, LOVE?
I can't not stay in suburbia USA anymore and do nothing!
I'm so incredibly tired of people saying they can't afford to give to others when they own two cars, a large house, go out to eat, on vacation, etc.

PS. I still see your family adopting from Ethiopia someday ;) Maybe an HIV+ child? I don't know, but I think you are the perfect adoptive family for a child without a family at all.

Anonymous said...

And one more video for thought-
Has nothing to do with Christmas...but maybe it does? Maybe we need to change the way we ALL think about Christmas!

Anonymous said...

To the above poster, I'm sorry if I came off as rude, I didn't mean to.
I certainly do NOT think this family is selfish for having bio kids and not adopting and if I came across that way I'm sorry. It's hard to convey a certain tone when online. Just wanted to make that clear! I DO think that the Rasta Family is an AMAZING family and would be the PERFECT adoptive family because they are so open minded, child centered, filled with love for their beautiful children, the world and others, and just plain fun and sweet.
Obviously it's a very personal decision but it's a decision that changed my life so greatly and made my life so beautiful and full that I think everyone in the world should do it! haha!

Another Homeschooling Mom said...

MOST of those children have manger scenes at home or have participated in a Christmas pageant in school or church.

I think the problem that you have with that particular scene is the Santa Claus in the historic place. If the manger scene were in the same place, how would you have felt? This only an exercise in imagination and you can't REALLY know how you would feel until you actually see a live manger scene (with goats and sheep) in that market.

Saint Augustine is filled with historic places, naturally because it's a really old city.

I understand your frustration and disgust in that particular scene. I don't know you personally, so I can't say what you're thinking. But is SEEMS that you believe that everyone who stands in line to take a picture with Santa Claus is worshiping at his altar and suffering from a bad case of the Gimme Gimmes. All people want things, you can't blame them. I believe that most of those families who are standing in line to take a picture with Santa Claus also stand in line to buy a toy for Toys for Tots or the Needy Children Drop Box.

Maybe you ought to write a letter to the Plaza's management company and suggest they move Santa Claus to a different area and put a Drop Box in his place. Or put a Drop Box next to Santa's House?

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