Friday, December 31, 2010

Mental Math Mania!!!!!!!!!

"Mom..I know what 20+90 is...110!!!"

"Mom..Do you know what 140+90 is????"

" know what 70+55 is?"

"Mom....I bet you don't know what 60+57 is!"

THAT is what Malachi sounds like lately.

It is hilarious.

He is in 1st grade and has a MATH MIND that won't quit.

He is like an ACTIVE VOLCANO...of Math problems.

He spews and spats them out like they are LAVA hot....FAST and furious.

There is not a day that goes by these days when he doesn't come to me least 50 times and challenge me with his mental math.


And the best part......Sheba came up to me yesterday and said,

"Mom....I bet you don't know what 7+3 is."

I just smiled and said, "No...but I bet you will tell me SMART GIRL!!"


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