Friday, June 3, 2011

Lately Im Learning.....

Raising kids is like a battle sometimes.

It is a battle for their SOULS. A battle that can be fought FULLY or it can be fought half-heartedly.

I chose: FULLY, which is nothing less than "LIFE-consuming".
Nothing less that gut-wrenching DIRTY WORK.

It is the kind of job that makes you want to DISAPPEAR sometimes because you cant possible be doing this right.

Believe me I have gone to sleep MANY nights praying that my children don't turn out to be CRAZY, SELF-ABSORBED, LUNATICS....all because of MY sinful ways.
When they are little it is about teaching SURVIVAL SKILLS.

"No, dont do that." is ALWAYS for a good reason. It is always to keep them from hurting themselves or to keep them ALIVE! LOL.

In the beginning...We tell them no to keep them safe. To keep them from scraped knees and broken bones.

We tell them "No" for their own good...and they usually HEED our warnings. they get older it becomes about something that is MUCH bigger an MUCH deeper.

For the most part...It isn't about keeping their BODIES safe anymore, It is now about their SOULS.

As they get older, it is about THEM making their OWN judgements.

It is about them realizing that they are responsible for THEIR OWN actions...good or bad.

It is about teaching them to be able to DO what is right BECAUSE it was right.
Which is something that is EASIER said than DONE.
BUT...I believe that IF that lesson CAN be learned will save them PRECIOUS TIME in the end.

I have been spending ALOT of time lately eye-to-eye with my children...talking it out.

Trying to LEAD them to recognize that their lives will only GLORIFY GOD if they make the RIGHT decisions..because it is the GODLY thing to do.

which...of course-
is not always the EASY thing to do.

But ...

We either STAND TALL to GODS standard...or FALL SHORT and live a less than FULL life.

I want my children to know that life CAN be full of Great experiences an LOVE.

But ...only if you hold tight to RIGHTEOUSNESS an live a life pleasing to HIM.

Explaining THAT to a 5,7,8 and 10 year old....yep-THAT is my life lately.

My PRIMARY calling.

My most important task.

Eye-to-eye ....we WILL talk it thru.

"You must raise your children in the fear and admonition of the Lord. You cannot do so without investing yourself in a LIFE of sensitive communication in which you help them understan life an Gods world. There is nothing more important. You have only a brief season of life to invest yourself in this task."- Tedd Tripp

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Mom said...

My advise is "enjoy it" because before you know it they are gone... Today, a friend a work had her son's high school graduation. When she left I hug her and almost cried. I was thinking I wish I was going to your graduation. I cannot tell you how FAST time gets away from you. Love you sweetie.