Tuesday, October 13, 2009

B is for BUSY!!!!!!!!


During the time when the "olders" are doing their LA on the computer----

The "littles" have been "studying" the alphabet ...

Last week we did A and a.

We did apple crafts.

We made "A Alligators".

We had an "A" scavenger hunt.


This week we started B and b.

Today we made "Banana B's".


We made Band-Aid Butterflys.

We made BLUEBERRY SMOOTHIES for a snack/math lesson.

AND were making a BAT mobile.

The kids LOVE it.

They are totaolly ABSORBED in the letters and sounds.

AND the big kids cant seem to let their little brother and sister make the crafts ALONE!!!

They say they are "helping"....So cute!

1 comment:

Jolanthe said...

Very fun!! Those banana b's are too cute! :) And we just had a blueberry smoothie tonight - yum.

Thanks for joining up!