Friday, October 23, 2009

"Fabulous Book Friday"

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I know, I know.

I can't say enough about this book.

I LOVE it.

I read so many books at one time because I can only read for a few minutes at a time because of my kids.

But THIS has been my GO-TO pick me up.

Its always good for an "escape" for a moment.

I always come away feeling like I have some things to THINK ABOUT.

Capter 3 has been my FAVORITE SO FAR.

"Learn to Love"

Whata title! We all FEEL like we just love freely, but in reality(especially for a woman) we are so confused by what love actually is.

From a young age we get so confused betwwen real LOVE and what Voddie Baucham Jr.(the author) calls the Greco-Roman myth of ROMANTIC LOVE.

We expect sooo much.
We want a fairy tale.
Seriously...we EXPECT a fairy tale.
Just like in the Disney movies.

And MOST of the starts that way.

HOT..Like a fire.

Most relationships start in THAT way.

and THAT love has its PLACE.

Don't get me wrong...I LOVE that kind of love.

Im actualy a 'Greco-Roman myth" love junkie.

I am a sucker for it.

But SLOWLY...Im working on it.

"While love is a large part of the love equation, it must not be the sum total. Although love is accompanied by emotion, BIBLICAL LOVE IS NOT LED BY EMOTION. Emotions change."

"Newsflash: Marriage is HARD!!!"

That "fairy Tale " love fades.

We get swallowed in our lives.
We have kids.
We go to work.
We cook meals.
We Homeschool kids...ALL DAY.
We are TIRED.

"Fairy Tale" love wont LAST.

It simmers.

Its OK that it simmers.
It is SUPPOSED to simmer.

What kind of people would we be if all we cared about was THAT kind of love.



This is when BIBLICAL LOVE comes in.

"Biblical Love knows nothing of backing out when things getr tough. Biblical love gives without expecting, goes the extra mile, sacrafices for others...
it is not constantly seeking the emotional high that often characterizes immature relationships but instead is content with the depth and breadth that only the the love of a maturing,godly relationship can provide. Biblical love is not constantly looking for a better deal: it is too busy thanking GOD for the REAL deal."

I mean seriously...CAN YOU ARGUE WITH THAT??????????

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