Friday, October 30, 2009

“Fabulous Book” Friday!!!!!

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YEAH!!!!  Its Friday!!!!


Its “Fabulous Book” Friday here in our little world.

This week has been a DOOZIE!!!!!!!!!!!!

The kids were ALL sick …at one point or another.

Thank goodness God decided to space it out because 1 at a time is ENOUGH!!!!!!!!

One highlight of my week was going to the library …ALONE.

You read that right…ALONE.

I was there to get “supplies”…which means MOVIES.

You see I have been “in this” long enough to know…

when 1  is down with illness….the REST are SURE to follow.

So first chance I got Iwas off to the library.

I actually checked out SOOOO MANY movies that I felt the need to  EXPLAIN that there were 4 soon-to-be SICK children in the house ….THAT is why we needed soooooo many movies.


I also got to look at the MOMMY BOOKS.


I wandered thru the library just LOOKING.

NO kids behind me pulling books off the shelf to look at.

No giving “the look” .

It was wonderful.


I re-checked out this book.

I have read it before, but it is so simple and easy to read that I am reading it again…

If you are a homeschool Mom…..or a Mom interested about the WEIRD WORLD of HOMESCHOOLING.


Give Thanks for this day and Give Thanks for this Book!


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Anonymous said...

Bless you. You know that I raised 4 boys myself so I can really understand when they start getting sick. Only hope that Mama doesn't get sick along with the children.
Love you all so much.