Sunday, October 4, 2009

This COMMING week.........

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I am going to TRY something new from now on.

I said ...TRY.

I am the "Queen" of TRYING.

I try all kinds of "things", "ways", and "schedules".

Sometimes they work...
ALOT of times - They DON'T.


I am going to TRY and make a list of things we DID in school for the week.

THIS week...
Since it is SUNDAY night and I am already in "THIS WEEK" mode...
I am going to write about NEW/FUN things we WILL DO:

Bible Study:were continuing our "Lost Books of the Bible" Adam and Eve

LA/Reading:The Lil' ones are starting the ALPHABET themed project.
Were going to CONCENTRATE on 1-2 letters per week.
Projects, crafts, food...all centered around the letter.

Math: Wednesday were selling bows at the farmers market in town...
I plan on letting the kids take the money(if there is any)LOL
count it, and give change.

History: After MUCH consideration...I think we are going to stay IN THE US
(for the most part)...Maine this week. Boats, fishing, northern US, etc.

Art: This week we are STARTING our Posters for the Farm Association.
Our HS group is doing a poster contest in 4H...due in a few weeks.
I plan on having them PLAN and Brainstorm this week.

Science: Were making Friendship bread tomorrow(Again) ...Thanks Lara!
And...Were going to make "Jupiter" cookies for HS co-op on Friday!!!


Just TYPING that makes me tired...

Actually...It helps me to PLAN it out in my head.

Hope this helps SOME of you HS moms that are reading!!!


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