Sunday, April 18, 2010

Go Jags!!!!! We won …21-7!!!

Football 2010 028

Our Jags WON!!!!!



The kids did GREAT!!!!

Shashamane was soooo funny …

the day before we were riding in the car and she said,”Mom, we do the same thing in the GAME as we do in PRACTICE right????”

I said, “Yes, Honey…the same thing.”

Shasha said, “But Dad will still tell me what to do, right????”

Love that girl!!!

Football 2010 036Football 2010 031 Football 2010 030   Football 2010 033 

Football 2010 026 Football 2010 025  

Zeek scored the 1st touchdown of the season!!!!

He was so HAPPY…

We were soooo PROUD!!!!

And the first time Malachi was in the game …he stood there and basically WATCHED .

He actually CLAPPED and stood there.

So FUNNY!!!!!

 Football 2010 019 Football 2010 020 Football 2010 026 Football 2010 027 Football 2010 033

AND…we cant forget the AWESOME coaches!!!!

They LOVE these kids sooo much .




MORE Blessings.

Go Jags!!!!!

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