Friday, April 16, 2010

Bigger BLESSINGS……..



that has been us Lately.

Last Saturday our van broke down.

Like…In front of Amy’s house, on our way to practice…BROKE DOWN.


I have been taking a TAXI to and from work on the last 2 weekends.


So…because I had been sick the last 2 weeks also, I was feeling STRANDED.

(Trust me …I know…..I am not TRULY stranded.)

Just…STRANDED in an typical spoiled American way…STRANDED.

Dumb…but still stressful nonetheless when we have football practice, my work, Daddys work, grocery shopping, hs classes, etc.


Today was my day.

We were supposed to DRIVE the van to the shop to get it fixed.

(While Daddy was at less)

BUT…When we went to start it….




Jay called out a friend to TOW US to the shop.

FUN..with 4 kids.

Needless to say …I was in RARE FORM.

I was STRESSED!!!!

I wasn’t in a GREAT mood and everyone knew it.

That's when I heard Zeek.

Sweet Sweet Ezekiel.

He had climbed in the back seat of the van and said, “If you will all be good and quiet, I’ll buy us ALL a treat at the store……I brought my WALLET and I have $8!”

Of course…I was not surprised,shocked, or stunned.

After all…It is Zeek.

Remember THIS?


He is always looking out for his brothers and sisters.


Such a sweet reminder of how BLESSED I am….


PS…..I let the sweet child KEEP HIS MONEY.

I bought the treats!


Stephanie said...

I read your blog faithfully and have never posted. You always remind we what is truly important. I think we are given struggles in our lives so we can appreciate our success and this is a great example of your (and your husbands) success as parents. Keep writing and being an inspiration.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!!!! It always helps me too know that people are listening!!! jana

Mimi Suzy said...

That's my SWEET grandson , Ezekiel...... so glad you bought the treats Mom!

Anonymous said...

know in some sense it might have been a week of stranded but seems to be possibly a week of introspection and rest for no use of gas, rest for you to be at home grounded. For the convience of car is found with out having. Truly no matter what , you survive and with love family and care always around what else does one truly "need" , amazing grace