Sunday, April 25, 2010

Who is “IN”??????

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A few months ago, my friend Heather, introduced me to a GREAT IDEA!!!

A PURSE PARTY for Haiti from Heartline Ministries.

It is a way for US , in the United States, to contribute in SOME SMALL WAY to the people of Haiti.

Heartline Ministries is a WONDERFUL organization that is ALL ABOUT Haiti!!!

They have ALL KINDS of programs from adoption to a Talapia farm to feed MORE people.

One program that has really touched my heart is the WOMENS PROGRAM.

This is what HEARTLINE MINISTRIES says about their WOMENS program:

"Each week over 100 women come through our center as part of our various programs. These women live day to day just trying to make it through and feed their children. Many are just trying to survive. Our program changes that. Women who have never earned a dollar in their lives are now earning money as they sew. Women who had no parenting skills are now taking better care of their children. Women who could not read and write are now learning to. Women who have had no prenatal care are getting the attention they so desperately need. Women light up when they hear the sound of their baby’s heartbeat for the first time."


“Our first sewing class started on February 18, 2008 with fifteen women and seven graduated. Five of the women who graduated have started to earn money from their sewing skills. Even those who did not complete the class have gained skills that are allowing them to earn some money. Three of the graduates have earned enough money to purchase their own sewing machines. In fact, one woman has made enough money that she has been able to bring her children back from the village so that they can live with her and have her raise them. Within a six month time frame she has earned about 6 years worth of wages (half of it going back to her business). None of the women that started the program were able to provide for their families before the class. Most of them worked as merchants buying and selling products, but unfortunately, most of the merchants end up in debt to those who provide them goods as they are unable to sell enough goods at a high enough price. This class has been a miracle for these ladies as they can now provide for their families in a positive and healthy way.”

Enough said…AWESOME!!!

ANYWAY…I have joined with Heartline Ministries to throw a PURSE PARTY!!!!

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This is how it happened…

I contacted a woman at Heartline Ministries about having a purse party and was put on a LONG LIST.


I waited about 10 weeks actually.

Then One day I cam home to find a BIG BOX from Haitian Creations.

Inside were ALL the purses, Haitian recipes for the party,  AND a video to watch at the party on HEARTLINE MINISTRIES.


I opened the box and was so MOVED by all these beautiful purses and bags!

I ACTUALLY cried while I looked thru the box…REALLY..I cried.

It is amazing to think about the fact that STRONG, BEAUTIFUL Haitian Women had HAND MADE all these purses/bags…and now they were in MY HOUSE.


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And here is where YOU COME IN:

I am having a PURSE/BAG Party on Sunday, May 2 @ 2 pm.

We will watch the video, eat some Haitian food, and MAKE THESE WOMEN SOME MONEY!!!!!!

100% of the proceeds go to the women.

The purses/bags cost from $10-$40.

There are ALL KINDS.

All different fabrics and they are ONE OF A KIND, FAIR TRADE and HELPING THE HAITIAN ECONOMY!!!!

What could be better?????

Who is “In”????

Lets sell ALL these purses/bags and go home KNOWING we have DONE SOMETHING.

I'm thinking MOTHERS DAY gifts, Graduation gifts, etc……


And to all of you OUT OF TOWN:

I think the easiest way for you to go about getting a bag/purse is to order from Heartline Ministries online.


Look under “Browse Products” and you can pick one out and get it sent RIGHT TO YOU !!!

And if you live near us and cant make it to the party but DO WANT A PURSE…LET ME KNOW.

Well get together and work it out.


  • "For he will deliver the needy who cry out, the afflicted who have no one to help. He will take pity on the weak and the needy and save the needy from death." Psalm 72:12-13
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    Shainee said...

    I am calling the green one!!!! LOL! Love you and your big ole heart my sister.

    Hendrick Family said...

    Yay for Haitian Creations!

    What a beautiful way to love these women.

    I absolutely love my bag. Love it! I pray your party goes well Jana.

    I watched that video about 12 times!