Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So is LIFE….

bird2 Shasha has been SUCH the little photographer lately.

She is CONSTANTLY running in from outside to get her camera.

She has a GREAT EYE for it.

AMAZING actually.


The other day she was out in the yard and she spotted a very small butterfly.

Immediately she wanted to take a picture…

so after getting her camera and SLOWLY STALKING the tiny butterfly for what seemed like HOURS, she knelt down slowly and steadily…

she was ready for the PERFECT SHOT.


And RIGHT BEFORE  she was about to take the shot…

FROM OUT OF NOWHERE a bird swiftly flew down and GOBBLED that sweet butterfly up right in front of her eyes!!!!!!!!!

She was SHOCKED.

I think she was AMAZED that she actually SAW IT HAPPEN!!!!

She came running into the house saying, “A bird just ate that butterfly up, RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME!!!!!”

We smiled and talked about the circle of life.

So is life, Baby….so is LIFE.


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