Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Unschool-ish Days…..

Springin' it 007

Its official…..

we have IT.


Were coming to the end of our school year and cant hardly see straight for NEED of SUMMER.

This week we had Monday off because Dad was home and we cleaned the house and ORGANIZED.

Which is something that NEEDS to be done..BUT DOSEN’T get done on  SAT/SUN doesn’t   because of our schedule these days.

I work on Friday AND Saturday nights from 8pm-3am.

Which means that I am TIRED on Sunday and don’t get ANYTHING done.

And all THAT does is make MONDAY our SUNDAY.


And YESTERDAY I had a mini-epiphany.

I realized that i was going CRAZY stressing because we are having a hard time doing our bookwork.

We were getting OTHER stuff done but…we were having a hard time SITTING IN OUR DESKS.

I'm not going to lie…we are NOT SITTING in our desks  much the last few weeks.

We have been doing ALOT of gardening, outside nature studies and generally just enjoying the BEAUTIFUL WEATHER.

Homestead Happy 021

homeschool 023 Homestead Happy 023

Football 2010 016 

AND because I like to be ORGANIZED and ON TOP OF IT…I have been STRESSED because of the LACK of STRUCTURE we have been getting.

Jay LAUGHS and says….”The kids are FINE.  Let  em’ be. QUIT STRESSING!”


Then yesterday, It HAPPENED…..

I realized “It”.

We don't HAVE to be so stressed and structured.

We can ease up a bit.

We can RELAX….

the kids are FAR BEYOND their grade levels in MOST subjects.

Sheba(Pre-K) has started her Kindergarten Curriculum.

Malachi(K) can READ and has started on his 1st grade curriculum.

Shasha(1st) reads at about a 5th grade level and is BORED with 1st grade math.

And Zeek(3rd) has made HUGE IMPROVEMENTS in his reading this year and has TESTED OUT of his last 3 math units.

We eased up on History this year …MAINLY because of a book I read.

THIS BOOK to be exact.


There it is.

Were RELAXING  and having some Uschool-ish Days.

Here is what we have done THIS WEEK SO FAR:

Football 2010 039 Football 2010 013 Football 2010 016 Shashamane's Pics 050 Shashamane's Pics 055 Shashamane's Pics 025 Shashamane's Pics 027 Shashamane's Pics 029 Shashamane's Pics 031 Shashamane's Pics 032 Shashamane's Pics 033 Shashamane's Pics 034 Shashamane's Pics 036 Shashamane's Pics 049


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